IBEI stands for “Italian Business Entertainment Investors” , based on a firm conviction shared amongst its top professionals from complementary sectors, that the entertainment ventures offer better attractive scenarios when laid out as a real estate financial project.

2. Covering more than 25 years each of experience in the International movie industry, the partners promote against-stream the true opportunities of shooting, servicing, coproducing and producing audiovisual for all media in Italy.

3. The past decades in Italy have acted first supporting with subsidies schemes and then tax incentives the production of movies at a European, National, International and Regional level.

4. All such schemes have been prospected by too often misinterpretations of the law and inflated expectations nourished by inexperienced intermediaries as well as gibberish drafting by the Italian Legislator. The consequences are local industries to the verge of collapse and, in many cases, foreign producers fleeing the Italian scenario. Moreover, the non applicability of soft collaterals to the Italian banking system have slowed down the evolving of financial schemes similar to the North American ones. Las but not least, private banking investors and common saving accounts are kept away by the level of venture the industry has proven to have and the unmeasurable ROI of the profits.

5. IBEIʼs team undertakes the task to promote Italy in its best profitable instrument, craftsmanships and locations, coupled with to-be-correctly explained tax schemes and laws which only when properly foreseen and applied may maximise profits and zero the losses.

6. IBEI constantly is hands-on all the entertainment and IP nuances of the industries and compares and transposes it to foreign prospects by newsletters and websites and seminars.

7. IBEI is the best Italian English minded consultants you can find to deal with Italy.